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      hey hey since it’s selfie Sunday do you guys mind if I come up with a theme again (since I think coolnel is still on a hiatus)
      how about this time
      find a picture/screenshot of your toon and replicate the pose they’re making/action they’re doing
      that would be tons of fun omg

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      I’m not gonna tag anyone/make my own questions because I’m pretty sure nearly everyone has already done it so
      but I was tagged by tas so

      1. Have you ever felt guilty for an accident? (example: someone else going sad in a building on accident)
      Yeah, although it wasn’t really quite an accident. Back when I was getting bucks on Flan, I was doing mint runs, and I went into a coin with three lower laff toons (I was around 110ish, the others were 80-90ish) and there was this one chatless dog who wasn’t joining the battles until the last second where she would get the bucks out of it, and the other two toons were like “hey lets make her go sad” and I didn’t really want to be that guy who goes around and greens people to ‘teach them a lesson’, but I didn’t stop them either and I still feel pretty shitty about it :/

      2. How much do you play Toontown on average?
      Currently, I only get to play on TTI for a few hours once I get home from work because that’s the time when it’s nearly lag-free and I can actually do tasks.
      Back when the original was still open, I would play it constantly, mostly just so I can chat and train and do bosses with all you toonblrs uwu

      3. Did you hang out in Toon Valley often or enjoyed what the game had to offer?
      I did not like toon valley at all nope. I found it way too laggy and just stupid tbh. If you were paying ten dollars for a game, why spend your time in toon valley hosting ‘game shows’ and ‘fashion shows’? Idk, just didn’t make sense to me.

      4. Do you miss original TT, are you really excited for TTR, or both?
      I don’t really have an opinion on TTRW because whenever I play it, I can’t get out of the playground without crashing.
      But I do miss the original. It had a certain something that the remakes don’t have. I don’t know what it is, really, but I feel like the remakes are all missing something the original had.

      5. Would you play a fanmade version of Toontown, even if did have a virus? (Not talking about TTI, just in general)
      There really wouldn’t be a point since TTI and TTRW are already around. Although if a friend made a private server of their own and invited me to it, I would join because I mostly play to connect with the toonblrs. TTI doesn’t have a virus, by the way.

      6. Do you have a memorable moment in TTO?
      I have a bunch. My most memorable would definitely be maxing sellbot. I was so excited and so happy and I had a full team of toonblrs there to help me and it was wonderful.

      7. Why did you start playing Toontown?
      I originally played way back in like 2004 when I saw commercials for it, but it was only those three day trial things so I didn’t get very far. Then a year (?) later, my parents started to pay for my sister and I to share an account, and I remade my original toon and got her to Melodyland before giving up because I had a hard time getting the cream pie for the task. Then I abandoned it for a while again, and one day (around 2010) while looking around at Rite Aid I saw there were subscription cards, so I decided “eh why not?” and bought a one-month one, and that’s when I made Flan and all was right in the world. But after buying like 3 months worth of cards, I didn’t have enough money to spend on more, so I had to abandon it again. Then in late 2012, I finally got more money and revisited Toontown to play as Flan again and tadahhhh

      8. Were you more of an offensive Toon, defensive?
      Probably more offense, since it’s hard to be considered defensive in Toontown.

      9. Were you a leader or a follower? (If both, between what laffs did you become a leader/follower?)
      Usually a follower, but still kind of a leader too. At my ending laff on Flan of 113, if I was in a weaker area (any of the playground streets/buildings) I would let the other toons in battle choose their gags first, and depending on what they chose, I would do what I like to call ‘damage control’. For example, if we were against a level 12, two 11s, and a 10, and the other toons throw down a lure, a birthday cake on the 11, and a rake on the 12, I would use one of my quicksands to cancel out the rake so a level 12 won’t be hitting us all hard.

      10. Are you glad TTO shut down?
      Why would I be??????

      11. how would you feel if toontown became real except the cogs were humongous and the tooniverse is almost destroyed except for walls that blocked out the cogs and allowed 100 years of piece but then a giant mover and shaker breaks the outer wall and lets all the cogs into that town?
      Let’s be real here though.
      Toontown is real.
      You’ve got the cogs, which represent growing up and responsibility (adults), and you’ve got the toons, which represent childhood and carefree-ness (children). The ‘cogs’ are always telling the ‘toons’ to grow-up and take responsibility for things, but the ‘toons’ don’t want any of that, they just want to have fun and do things their way and the ‘toons’ feel a need to fight against the ‘cogs’ to show that they don’t need them.
      If you’ve noticed, it’s the toons that approach the cogs for a fight, not the other way around. The toons want to fight against the cogs, and the cogs just want things to be the way ‘they should be’.
      It’s real life, man.

    • the-chronicles-of-a-catand-mouse asked: i can't belive someone said they hate pizza crust omg. i have never had dominos though (my mom always makes homemade pizza and I also lived in new york most of my life so we got pizza from italian resturants soo) but any pizza crust is amaze.. idk how anyone could hate it 26 Jul 14



      and yeah american italian pizzas are nice as well i had some last year

      whOA someone else who lives in new york simply amazing yes
      (also pizza crust is like the best part what the heckie)

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      I got tagged by Freq. /gargles furiously

      And first off fuck the rules I’m just gonna answer your questions and leave it there because I’m busy today, sorry bud

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